Seeing the Elephant?

I'm offeringa comprehensive array of legal services, covering contract drafting and negotiation, corporate governance, compliance, litigation, and intellectual property protection.

My service providesthe flexibility to access legal expertise on a contingent basis, eliminating the need to maintain a full-time, costly, and often impractical, in-house legal team.

By collaborating withme as your external legal advisory, you gain access to dedicated legal expertise equipped with the experience to address your specific business requirements.

Benjamin Schaarschmidt

Attorney & Legal Counsel | Corporate Legal Affairs Manager

Passionate legal professional with a proven track record of excellence in navigating complex legal landscapes. After a successful tenure as an Attorney-at-Law and Legal Counsel, I've seamlessly transitioned into a dynamic role as a Corporate Legal Affairs Manager.

As a forward-thinking Corporate Legal Affairs Manager with a strong background in C-level leadership, I leverage my extensive legal background to drive strategic initiatives that align with corporate objectives. My role involves proactively managing legal risks, fostering compliance, and providing expert counsel to optimize business performance. My career is characterized by a forensic mindset, coupled with a deep affinity for IT. I currently hold a role within a Fortune Global 500 company that operates in the realms of corporate strategy, technology, and outsourcing (BPO). Committed to fostering excellence and innovation in the corporate IT sector.

Key Skills & Expertise:

• Strategic Legal Counsel: Proven ability to provide sound legal advice that aligns with business goals.

• Corporate Governance: Expertise in developing and implementing governance frameworks to ensure compliance and mitigate risks.

• Contract Negotiation: Adept at crafting and negotiating contracts that protect corporate interests and facilitate successful partnerships.

• Regulatory Compliance: Comprehensive understanding of regulatory landscapes, ensuring the company operates within legal boundaries.

• Stakeholder Collaboration: Skilled in fostering collaborative relationships across departments to drive legal and business success.

Driven by a passion for integrating legal strategy into overall corporate success, I thrive on challenges, consistently adapting my skill set to meet evolving business needs.

Open to Collaborations:

Eager to connect with professionals, organizations, and businesses seeking a dedicated Corporate Legal Affairs Manager and Consultant. Let's explore opportunities to enhance legal frameworks, mitigate risks, and drive sustainable growth together.


Albert-Einstein-Straße 16
12489 Berlin